Hello & Welcome to my website, Karakasa

My name is Jodie Lowther and I am an musician, illustrator and video artist. As well as working on my own projects, I have also worked over the past few years with many other artists and musicians to provide illustrations and videos for their projects. 

In terms of my illustration and videos, I endeavor to create artwork that is striking and unusual, with my interests deeply rooted in art styles such Psychedelia, Surrealism, Retro, Kitsch, Horror, Occult, Pop Art, Japanese Art, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the Weird & Wonderful in general.

You can find examples of my artwork all over the site, so please do feel free to have a look around.

In terms of my music, I release albums as a solo artist and I'm also involved in the band Quimper with Johnny Vertigen. If you are interested in checking out any of these musical projects, you can find them on the following two Bandcamp pages:

I am always eager to discuss paid artwork and video commissions, so if you have a project that you feel my work would be a good match for, please do get in touch using the form in the 'Contact' section of my site.

Thank you for looking & Best Wishes,